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Breakout Strategy
Meeting the Challenge of Double-Digit Growth

Sydney Finkelstein Charles E. Harvey Thomas C. Lawton

(McGraw-Hill, New York, 2006)

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More often than not, the search for a winning commercial formula proceeds more naturally by trial and error. Companies might try a dozen or more combinations before eventually discovering one that delivers growth and sustained profitability. For many, the quest proves fruitless and the right formulation is never found. Perhaps it was never meant to be. Perhaps the original concept for the business was found lacking or irredeemably flawed. Yet, even when the market signals are emphatically negative, business leaders often continue to search obsessively for the elusive Xfactor, for the magic bullet that will somehow eliminate the problems besetting them. The single-minded pursuit of instant remedies to fundamental business problems is at odds with the strategic approach to business growth recommended in this book. Rather than wasting time in pursuit of cure-all solutions, the most successful business leaders invariably, as a matter of habit, give expression to strategic principles and practices that dramatically increase the possibility of establishing and retaining a strong market position. These are the principles and practices that, collectively, we call breakout strategy. In what follows, we propose that the pursuit of a carefully crafted yet essentially simple strategy provides the best means for a business leader or entrepreneur to maximize corporate value. The optimal strategy, if properly implemented, bestows industry power on a company,

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