Abby Smith And The Affects Of Past And Current Occupations Have On People

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This paper exams the interview of Abby Smith and the affects of past and current occupations have on people. I interviewed Abby Smith about a past occupation that she enjoyed and will break down what roles she had while working at that job and the roles she currently has. Her past occupation had an impact on Abby’s values and her life today. Through having to complete certain tasks Abby grew through her past and current occupations which effected her well-being. The paper will look at how her occupations and roles created Abby’s identity to this day. I will also further examine how being an interviewer made me feel. Abby Smith is a 19 year old woman who is currently a sophomore at East Carolina University. Her hobbies are painting and creating dances for others to perform. She is a public health major with a history minor. Abby Smith is in a phase in her life where she is trying to figure out what she wants to do as a career. She is constantly doubting her degree and is considering majoring in history to become a history professor. Abby has always loved history and has a desire to teach others about her passion of the subject. Extrinsic factors, such as her parents, are pushing her to keep her current major and to stay on the track of becoming a physician’s assistant because of the salary. Abby’s long term boyfriend Justin (of 2 years) fully supports her and any choice she makes. Abby and Justin plan on getting married after they both achieve their undergraduate degrees…

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