Essay Abbreviations And Abbreviations Of Medical Terminology

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Acronyms and abbreviations in medical terminology have become a major problem in today’s society. There has been a rise in medication errors and charting. These errors have caused serious medical conditions and even death. One of the main reasons so many problems has occurred is because acronyms and abbreviations can stand for more than one word and it becomes very confusing. These terms are being misinterpreted every day. Abbreviations are actually a barrier in everyday terminology due to it being missed used. Errors in acronyms and abbreviations have been the cause of many deaths over the years. According to the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) over 7,000 deaths per year may be attributed to medication errors. Abbreviations or acronyms can stand for more than one word which can be confused with anything. A query of an online medical dictionary of abbreviations using the abbreviation CP yielded 79 medical phrases for CP. In addition to those mentioned, some of the more common were chest pain, candle power, cardiac pacing, chicken pox, child psychiatry, creatinine phosphate, and current practice. Throughout the healthcare, literature is widespread examples of common errors due to look-alike abbreviations or symbols. These problems involve numbers as well as letters. One of the most widely publicized sentinel events involved the death of a 9-month old infant who received 10 times her weight-appropriate dose of morphine due to what is now commonly…

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