Willy's Trauma In Death Of A Salesman

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In the play death of a salesman, Willy Loman had a life full of desertion since he was extremely young. Willy was relinquished by his dad and brother during his childhood, and then his two sons later on in life. It was evident that Willy suffered from mental and emotional trauma which haunted him throughout his life. Willy’s traumatic childhood left him with many unknowns and questions. He sought attention that he did not receive as a child. Willy was frequently deserted by his loved ones throughout his life. Willy suffered to find his meaning in life and could not find the power within himself to overcome the setbacks he was given. When life became unbearable he decided to end it all by taking his own life and in the end abandoned himself. …show more content…
The most important time in anyone’s life is during their childhood which is a time when you begin to develop yourself. It is the time when you are most vulnerable and need your parents in your life to guide you in the right direction. The lack of a father figure in Willy’s life caused him to never be fully satisfied in this life which was a foreshadowing of his suicide. Throughout the play the flute was a symbol that was played at the lowest points in his life and also represented the abandonment by his father. During the play Willy is abandoned by his sons whom he adores and loves so much. One of the only memories he has of his dad is when he played an instrument. His father’s decision to go to Alaska to go after business opportunities scared him for the rest of his life. Anytime that Willy experienced abandonment especially by a loved one he had flashbacks of his childhood. Since his father did not establish a relationship which him this lead him to question his importance. It is implied that Willy is reminded of the abandonment by his father when the flute plays right before he takes his life. It was evident that being left behind by his father lead him to constantly doubt himself. He did not realize his importance to his own family and ultimately abandoned

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