Abandonment And Neglect Of Animals Essay

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Abandonment and neglect are problems that people have been trying to solve for a few decades. Not many solutions have been found so far. Abandonment of animals can lead to more problems than just overpopulation, such as disease, injury, and loss of livestock and crops. Shelters and zoos neglect animals as much as pet owners by abandoning older animals on roadsides, not meeting their needs and care standards, and overcrowding them. Animals are abandoned everyday for multiple reasons. "It is impossible to determine how many stray dogs and cats live in the United States" ("Pet Statistics"). Pet owners are affected by their location, the cost of maintenance, not having any time, having too many pets already, and problems going on in the home or area. They could also have the problem of having "no home for littermates" (Amaku 69). These reasons lead to the neglect and abandonment of animals, which can lead to more problems such as one in Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico, there is a beach that was referred to as 'Dead Dog Beach '. It was an abandonment and torture area for dogs which contained over 200 feral and mistreated dogs (Wilson 18). "Abandoned dogs have become a major public health problem" (Amaku 69). About twenty nine percent of residencies do not allow dogs and ten percent of households don 't have any time or are dealing with divorce or death ("Pet Statistics"). Also included in that ten percent are animals having behavioral issues. For cats, twenty one…

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