Abamectin And Peanut Oil Case Study

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The efficacy of abamectin , malathion and three plant oils(olive oil, peanut oil and linseed oil) singly and in three mixture ratios (5:95, 10:90 and 15:85) of the oils and pesticides , were biologically evaluated on cowpea beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus ( Fabricius , 1775) infested cowpea seeds. The activity of abamectin and malathion singly or in mixtures with the three oils were significantly increased, particularly at the higher concentrations. abamectin combinations with olive oil and peanut oil were more effective than those with malathion in reducing number of laid eggs. Abamectin mixed with olive or linseed oils was more effective than those of malathion in suppressing egg hatchability. It was reported that abamectin mixtures with olive oil and peanut oil were more effective
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