Ab299 Final Project Essay example

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AB299: Final Project

Section # 01


Executive Summary
This section provides an overview of your findings. This section should be no more than half a page at the most but a paragraph that is about 6-8 sentences is about the right length. This summarizes everything you wrote about in your report. This is also the conclusion for your report. If a business person didn’t have time to read an entire report or business plan, the Executive Summary should be the overview of the information.
Tim’s coffee shop has the potential of being a very profitable business. This business has a great location and a large pool of good employees. In order to get the business to operate at its full
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By using a more balanced reward system they can get employees to be more effective at their jobs.

At this point it is obvious that Tim is not displaying the labor law posters according to the regulations. These posters have to be visible to all employees and he is currently covering these postings with employee notices, and signs. Tim needs to correct this problem to avoid a fine.

HR Analysis


Provide a detailed summary of what you observed in this particular area of the business. Describe any strengths and weaknesses. Look in the files in the back office at all of the employees. Are they valuable? Does he need more training? What other issues did you notice in the employee files?

His HR practices currently do not accomplish what he needs. His notes on employees are not efficient. They concentrate on the wrong issues and are only addressing a limited number of HR aspects. Using again the example of Darryl Pettitte, all of his employee reviews address the fact that he is a good and reliable employee, but never go into detail about the problems he has had in the past with customers and employees. The employee’s reviews need to address in full detail all aspects of an employee’s personality.

Action Items:

Based on your analysis, detail for Tim what needs to be done and when to improve this area of the business. Also, you should defend your recommendations by providing references that support your ideas.


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