AUBMC 2020 Case Study: Noise Mitigation In Urban Area

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Noise Mitigation in Urban Areas: AUBMC 2020 Case Study

Abstract- This paper studies noise pollution in a local context and aims at finding feasible mitigation measures taking AUBMC area as a case study. After thoroughly researching the topic to better understand the causes and implications of noise, as well as suggested solutions to alleviate its severity, the group moved towards applying these findings to the study area. A professional sound meter was used to measure noise levels at different locations and at different times of the day, which allowed, after analysis, the preliminary identification of noise patterns and their causes. High levels of noise were noticed compared to the regulations of both the Ministry of the Environment (MOE)
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Model used to simulate noise propagation around AUBMC

Figure 3. Model used to simulate noise propagation around AUBMC (Cont'd)

The first step in the model was to get the distance between each point in the region of AUBMC and the noise sources, which are the road network and the construction site. The Euclidean distance tool was used to do this and results were then used to set the sound-distance relation.
Values in the rasters were generated according to the relation, starting by the source noise levels which are 75 dB(A)and 70 dB(A)then decreasing as points are further away using the Raster Calculator tool.
The following step was to account for the land cover. Since the area is an urban area, a concrete structure was assumed to exist every 10 meters and the NRC was implemented into the formula using the Raster Calculator tool too.
Resulting values were averaged as to account for both noise emissions from transportation and construction sources. Finally, the results were arranged into ranges using the Reclassify too in order to compare with allowable ranges.
Two cases were carried out in order to know how a barrier implementation along the road can affect noise levels in the region.



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