ASIN B01djvm3y Cover Letter

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Greetings from FBA Seller Support,

Hello, Purnama. Hope you're doing fine today. This is Maine, the associate assigned to handle your case. Let me take this opportunity to express my appreciation on how you amazingly handle every detail on your business.

I understand that you requested an investigation for ASIN B01DJVMH3Y that was suppose to come with belt. I also understand that you want to check the other ASIN variation of the dress if it has a belt or not. Please accept my apologies for the lengthy process this investigation takes. I am more than glad to be of help today.

I have checked the reports the Fulfillment Center Associate provided and as per their response ASIN B01DJVMH3Y there was no belt included. In addition for the variation of colors that you requested to checked

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