ADHD And Depression: The Effects Of Depression And Substance Abuse

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Somewhere between five to twelve percent of all teenagers throughout the world suffer from hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders. Some suffer from mild attention deficit disorders, while some have severe attention problems. Teenagers with ADD and ADHD have problems with impulsivity, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness. There are many medications that can make those problems go away for a short time; however these medications come at a cost. These medications can cause many side effects, including depression. There are many studies that show a close link between ADHD and depression and anxiety disorders. The medications that are given to teenagers for ADHD are highly addictive, and in someone who also suffers from depression, this can very likely lead to substance abuse issues later on in life. Many people who are prescribed the medicine abuse it. There have also been studies that show …show more content…
This link tends to be worse when someone suffers from ADHD and depression. Although not enough studies have been done on the effects of depression and ADHD one substance abuse, one study just show the connection. In one study, it was shown that people with no ADHD and no depression had a much lower chance of substance abuse than someone with ADHD or depression. It was also show that people who suffered from ADHD and depression were at an even greater risk for developing substance abuse problems later in life. “The association between ADHD and SUD was slightly attenuated after adjusting for depression, indicating that the association between ADHD and SUD was partially, but not fully, mediated by depression.”(Yoshimasu, 1) Giving people who are more prone to substance abuse than the average person medications that are highly addictive can cause some major problems. It is very easy for someone who is prescribed medication for ADHD to either abuse it, or even overdose on it by trying to commit

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