A1c Test Benefits

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A1C testing has benefited diabetes management in many ways. One of the biggest benefits is being able to read the overall blood glucose levels, rather than relying on a series of fasting readings. All patients who suffer from diabetes are aware and familiar with fasting blood glucose test. Fasting blood glucose test are used to monitor a patient most current blood sugar levels. Fasting test are very important to diabetes treatment. The reason fasting test aren’t as significant to the A1C test is because they only show a patient their glucose levels at the time they have taken test. A1C testing was developed to help patients monitor their diabetes. In order to explain the how much more significant an A1C test is in comparison with the other test that are mentioned in this report it is also important to explain what the results from an A1C test allows diabetic patients to monitors. Having test like the A1C test done is only part of monitoring a patient’s diabetes. The …show more content…
After a patient has been diagnosed for diabetes for the very first time they will receive a blood sugar meter, as well as, given instructions on how to use and the result they need to obtain in order to maintain their health. Self-monitoring is the patients part in helping to monitor their diabetes and overall health. They would never have this information if it wasn’t for the A1C test. There are very serve side effects of diabetes. An A1C test gives patients very important information on how to they need to maintain and monitor their diabetes based on the results. The results can help a diabetic patient with their eating habits and medication adjustments. Although these seem like very minor life changes, for a diabetic patient these things are life changing. Problems that result from prom diabetes monitoring are heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blindness, kidney disease and skin

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