A.I. and Human Interaction Essay

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People have been thinking about artificial intelligence since before the 1950's. It was in that time that Alan Turing proposed the “Turing Test”. Which measures how well a computer can think by having an interrogator ask it and a human questions. If the interrogator cannot determine which is human and which is machine then the machine has passed the Turing test.[1] Its been 15 Years since Deep Blue beat the world chess champion Gary Kasparov. And since then chess computers have continued to improve dominate. Most notably Deep Fritz the desktop chess program beating Vladimir Kramnik.[2] Just 2 years ago IBM developed “Watson” a computer that played Jeopardy and beat former winner Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.[3] With A.I.
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This meant that there were many people left idle. These idle workers could then devote their time to other tasks which meant they could innovate and create new technologies which put them ahead of nations in other parts of the world.[4] If and when we get robots/machines as domestic helpers, it will mean that people will be free from doing many tasks that occupy their time. Some example of these tasks would be cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. And if people can get over their fears of robotic interaction that may even extend to task such as answering phone calls or taking care of kids or pets.[15] This extra free time will only help to extend the digital gap. Those with access to machines will now be able to more actively pursue their goals and ideally innovate and improve our society. It would be unethical to simply ignore this growing divide instead there need to be a way shorten this divide. Perhaps artificial intelligence could be used to shorten the digital gap. Maybe A.I. should not be our focus, maybe it should be to bring existing technologies to developing nations. In any case, innovation should not stop. Attempts should be made to shorten the gap but not by ceasing to innovate.


As machines become more intelligent they will continue to replace humans. In some areas they already have. Machines have already replaced humans in a

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