Essay on A Young Age, Women And Men

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Since a young age, women and men are exposed to gender roles. In the documentary, Disney Monopoly, they discuss how young girls see princesses being saved by princes and it makes them think they need a prince charming to save them. Humans learn to act by imitating others, the behavior we “[take] for granted is shaped by social structures” (Anderson). If these gender boxes are rooted since a young age, it is no surprise they stick with people for the rest of their lives. Gender socialization exists even at gyms. Young girls are brought up having barbies and wearing dresses; meanwhile, boys learn to “take it like a man”. Society tells woman they cannot lift weights because they need to be petite The idea that girls are “fragile” can be seen in the gym setting because most girls are not lifting; instead, they are sticking to cardio. Meanwhile, men lift heavy objects to show off their masculinity. My time at Dixon, I took note of who was where and evaluated if a person’s gender determined what activity they focused on.
Each gender has norms society expects them to stick to. In “Sociology: The Essentials”, Anderson discusses how sports act as agents of socialization. According to Anderson, “sports are considered to be where one learns to be a man”, perhaps this explains why there was twenty males and only two females in the weight lifting room. Lifting heavy objects is seen as the macho thing to do at the gym. Women are discouraged from building muscle, society labels them as…

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