Essay on A Year Round Education Program

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School systems have always encountered trouble deciding whether or not to use a year-round education program. There have been studies on the effectiveness on this teaching schedule and most of the results are positive. Other investigations show that teachers themselves enjoy this schedule of learning since it allows them to interact with their students on a more continuous basis, and there is not a gap in curriculum due to summer break. However, students will still have time to rest and relax on the shorter breaks scattered throughout the year. One such study by Ballinger (1987) agrees that “students learn best by a continuous pattern of teaching, practice, reteaching, and more practice, until they finally grasp the concepts being taught” (pg. 9). These are things that a year-round education system can put into effect with efficiency and precision. Public school learning is in need of improvement, and year-round curriculum will be the start of a new instructional era that will allow teachers to mold their students in incredible new ways. Year-round education is method that now only a few schools employ. Some find it hard to maintain students’ concentration and participation for this expanse of time, yet others become creative and find alternative teaching methods to help ensnare the students’ interests. Also, Palmer and Bemis (n.d.) support that “year-round education may lead to reduced teacher absenteeism because of the more frequent vacations” (pg. 5). This goes to show…

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