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A writer writes because a writer must write. Every writer has some reason to write, whether that is to educate or entertain. A writes is someone who is able to see the world and then translate that world to the written word. They all have something that they need to tell the world. Writers use different forms of writing that they choose after considering certain factors. The writer begins by asking, “Who?” This question is the first major question a writer must ask. A writer needs to know who they want to try to convince with their words. The answer to this question will determine what medium they use. Every medium has different kinds of audiences that it will reach. The purpose of the writer writing will also affect the way …show more content…
The genre a writers will use is one such decision. This will determine how the writer’s words will come across. This will be based on other decisions already made. The audience will be attracted to their favorite genre, in fact the genre is one of the first things the audience will see when looking for something to view. The medium can limit the available choice for genre, as some genre work better in certain mediums. The message can be more easily understood if the genre compliments it. The genre is one of the most important decisions a writer will make for their writing. Writing is not a perfect form of communication. The audience for written pieces is limited by some fairly simple reasons. One basic reason is that some do not know how to read. At the very least they don’t know how to read the writer’s language. More commonly, many do not have the time to sit down and read a book or article. These put writing further down on the list of effective forms of …show more content…
It tends to have reason behind the madness that is sometimes writing. Writing is meant to educate in a verity of different forms. At the very least the writer has informed the reader of what they believe they need to know. Some media of writing are meant for more specific audiences. An article or essay isn’t wrote for a general audience. This format is meant for those who would want to learn about the topic the essay or article is about. This kind of reader is from a more intelligent demographic. The purpose of an article or essay is to educate those who could use the information. The audience and, subsequently, the purpose of a writing shape how the writer behaves. The writer will be more aggressive if the audience is known to be stubborn or the idea needs to be forced into the mind of the reader. The writer may also take a more passive route if the audience needs to be eased into the idea, or if the idea is too complex to explain directly. The way that writers write can be governed by some guidelines. First, one must know their audience. Then, a writer must know their purpose. Next, the medium must be chosen. Finally, a writer must know how all parts of their writing interact with one

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