A Worth Of Your Time? Essay

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A Worth of your time?
It’s the old same protocol; graduate from high school and go to college. One must attend a university in order to “succeed in life,” many will say. By not going to college, it will be difficult to get a job, or at least a decent job that is. But why go to college when it just generates more problems like student debts? According to Forbes, college tuition has seen an increase of about 538% since 1985. At Texas A&M University, for example, the tuition has increased 6% to freshmen entering the fall 2014 school year. Amongst those who graduate from college, loan debt is approaching $30,000. (Forbes) When thinking about college, we ask ourselves, is the cost of it all really worth it? Am I guaranteed a job that will eventually eliminate my debt? On some perspectives, college is better off when completed, a “debt fuel luxury”, or a foundation for success.
First, lets analyze the pro-college thinking mind. To them, college is a must. Although, it is only worth it to those who actually complete it. Andrew Kelly, director of the Center on Higher Education Reform, argues that going to college does not mean completing college. Suggesting that completing college is not guaranteed simlply because of the road bumps one may face along the way. According to statistics, 3 million students go to sort of higher education each year, however, 40% will not get their bachelor’s degree and amongst those, 25% are students who leave their freshman year. When comparing…

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