A Worn Path By Eudora Welty Essay

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Phoenix Jackson is as worn down as the path she travels. She conquers many obstacles in her journey to get her grandson his medicine. The difficulties endured include racism, her old age, and poverty. The short story, “A Worn Path,” was written by Eudora Welty in 1940. The main character is Phoenix Jackson. She is described in the story as an African American woman from the south who is very old, frail, wrinkled and small. The story takes place in the 1930’s, many years after slavery ended, but it is evident throughout the story that racism still exists. Phoenix Jackson can be described as the protagonist in the story. It is a cold morning day in early December. Phoenix is walking from her home to the city of Natchez to get her grandson the medicine he needs to treat his throat for the lye he accidentally swallowed years earlier. This is a hike she has traveled numerous times for his medicine. She is his sole provider in the story. She encounters numerous difficulties in her quest to provide for her grandson. The path is a metaphor for Phoenix Jackson’s life and the underlying issues and hardships African Americans endured at that time.
The journey from Phoenix’s home to Natchez is a long one that takes her through the woods, up a hill, through a corn maze and through cotton fields into the city. The setting could be described as the antagonist as it provides most of her obstacles in the story.
The main hardship of the travel for Phoenix is…

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