A Worn Path By Eudora Welty Essay

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An antihero is a character with flaws. they are troubled, insane and usually the protagonist of the story. Such as Phoenix Jackson in “a worn path” By:Eudora welty. Because she can 't remember that her son died like 2 years ago and once a month she goes to get medicine for him. Silas in “The Death of a Hired Man” By: Robert Frost. Has been an unfaithful worker and takes his old job back again. not to work but for a place to die in peace. Tom Shiftlet in “ The Life You Save May Be Your Own” By Flannery O’connor Leaves his wife at a diner to be left for dead. And Emily in “ A Rose For Emily” By: William Falkner. ends up sleeping with a corpse and comes close to drinking poison to kill herself.
In “The Life You Save May Be Your Own”
By: Flanhery O,connor Mr Shiftlet is the antihero in the story because “Mister Shiftlet stopped just inside the yard and set his box on the ground and tipped his hat.” (1080). He does not fit in and seems really creepy. “He goes on about everything, then asks for a job.” (1084) Most people get right to the point and he basically stalls before asking for a job. it is not normal to do that and if a normal person saw that and had it happen to them the only normal action to execute is to say no and question whether or not to call the police. He says “All men care about is money and he’s not like that”. (1082) this shows that he has some kind of dark reason to say that. maby he’s a robber or a crook. It’s a tell tail sign when someone is lying when…

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