A World Without Music Essay

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A World without Music Music is a form of intimate art that has been on the earth since the beginning of time. Theologians have even gone as far as to state that music is one of the gifts that God himself gave unto the earth, for the people during the creation of the earth, which is supported by a scholarly book titled Church Music and Protestantism in Post-Reformation England, where the author talks about the use of music in the church and how “it was ‘the excellent invention and gift of God” (Pg.2). It appears to be a fact that every civilization of people even those belonging to indigenous tribes have two things in common; we/they all have some sort of language, and we/they all have music in some form. There was music through history, from before the middle ages all the way to present day. Some people have used music as a form of enjoyment/entertainment, while others have used music in a scared form to help set the mood/stage during religious gatherings. Either way, music simply put is an art that has gained great importance and reach all people over time. In the modern day era, music has become an art of many forms; ranging from Rock and Roll and Metal to Gospel, Rap and Hip-Hop and Jazz. Music is just one of the best things in the world today; it is one of those things that is relatable in some way to all people across all nations and age groups. Music is something that is something that can affect the human senses in such a way that it cannot only be heard, but it can…

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