Essay on A World Without Clean Water

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A world without clean water to drink is what we as a universe are approaching. In North Carolina and everywhere else in the world, there ultimately isn’t enough being done to help preserve our freshwater supply as day in and day out things are being done to further harm and damage our water through all types of pollution. At the current rate of pollution were going at as of right now it can easily be said that by a little over a decade that we will not have any reliable source of water considered drinkable, something needs to be done now as we ultimately aren’t doing enough to protect it today.
Water pollution is essentially classified as when one or more substances have built up in water to such an extent that they cause problems for animals or people. (Woodford, Chris.) The main thing you have to consider when thinking about water pollution is that it isn’t so much about the makeup of the substance, but it is more about the quantity of which the substance is being released. Small amounts of pollutant are often times able to be naturally dispersed by the body of water, but when large amounts are continuously released, this is when we reach the major problem of creating health concerns as far as drinking or even being in the water comes about, this ultimately explains the predicament we are in now and it 's getting worse.
There isn’t one particular thing or group of individuals that can be pointed to as for the responsibility of bringing about water pollution but it…

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