A World Of 7 Billion People How Can Wildlife Protect Wildlife?

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The world is composed of numerous organisms, all different sizes, shapes, colors, and intellect. Some of these creatures have abilities that aren’t found anywhere else. All creatures have a vital part to play, in helping to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. Nonetheless, increased demand for natural goods, poaching, and encroachment cause these lifeforms to become endangered or even become extinct. In the article “In a world of 7 Billion people how can we Protect Wildlife?” by John Scanlon, Secretary General of “CITES”, in “The Guardian” website, Scanlon talks about how the demand for goods can destroy the wildlife that surrounds us. Scanlon uses statistical data to bring to light the problems the organisms on Earth are currently facing, and discusses how humans are part of the problem. Scanlon goes into how an organization called “The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora”, otherwise known as CITES, uses trade agreements and economics to drive down the rates of animal extinction. Scanlon talks about what conservation efforts are taking place through this organization CITES and goes into detail of the trade and economics of the animal trade, but Scanlon disregards the numerous organizations that protect organisms through physical means. Scanlon also does not mention the other reasons many species are going extinct such as encroachment, deforestation, and other variables. Throughout the article Scanlon talks about how people…

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