A Word Wall For Scientific Vocabulary Essay

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Science Class: A word wall for scientific vocabulary can be created for courses like Chemistry, Physical Science, Earth Science, and Physics core classes. For example, in chemistry a word wall for physical changes, chemical change, and periodic table vocabulary can be constructed by the students. For Physics, words like speed, velocity, kinetic energy, and potential energy can be posted on the wall for a lesson on forces and motion to help facilitate the acquisition of academic terminology for ELL learners in the field of science. Also concepts that are opposite to each other like strong/weak, long/short. Hot/cold, soft/hard, ect. allows students to develop critical thinking skills required for comparing and contract analysis.

English Class: Creating a banned word wall will assist ELL students to improve their writing skills by enriching their vocabulary within narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and expository essays. Posting words like the words said, run, look and other simple words on the wall with a list of alternative words that ELL students could use to replace the banned words. For example, words like told, announced, claimed, mentioned, etc. would be placed under the word said on the banned word wall, giving ELL students easy access to other word to use and also make an association between the words.

History Class: A word wall would facilitate the correlation of word associated with events, eras, centuries, or topics. For example, words for the…

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