A Wonderful Analysis Of Attributes Of Successful Leaders Essay

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Response Essay Two Overall this article was a wonderful analysis of attributes of successful leaders, the differences between the interpretations of Jominian principals, their applications, and how these values affected the relationships between the generals and politicians that went on to shape the late stages of the war. While I had a general knowledge on some of these factors, the depth of this article served as an excellent source. One of the largest pieces of information that I took from this article was the collective education that the majority of the generals received at West Point. As that article discusses many of the generals attended the academy at highly formative points in their lives, with many cadets entering at as young as ten years old. With emphases on science, engineering, tactics, and mathematics but no strategies, it’s clear to see how these students would clamor for any information on the subject that was not being provided by their instructors. It’s not too farfetched to see how these young cadets would latch to the suggestions of their superiors and truly embody the teachings of Jomini. I have known from previous experiment that majority of commanders on both sides were all classmates, I didn’t realize how much their time at West Point would shape their ability to wage war. While I recognized that the tactics in the Civil War were a far cry from tactics used today, much less the tactics used in WWII. I had no idea that the generals insisted on…

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