Essay on A Woman 's Style Of Hairdressing

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Merriam Webster defines a pompadour as “a woman 's style of hairdressing in which the hair is brushed into a loose full roll around the face.” ("Pompadour," ) This look is achieved through lots of backcombing and product that ensures that hair stands in place. Once upon a time, women used bear grease, a processed beef fat called tallow, and other grease based products (Riggs, 2007). Women even used tubes of their collected hair called “rats” in order to support their coifs. Today the look is maintained with the use of hair putties, waxes, sprays, and glues. There are even plastic inserts, designed to give hair even more height ("Bumpits," ). In 1745 Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, a French commoner became the official mistress to the king of France (Abbott, 2010). Before she could be officially introduced at court, she had to have a title. King Louis XIV bought for her the marquisate of Pompadour, giving her the title of Marquise de Pompadour. Mdm. Pompadour wore her hair tall and pushed back from her face, a look that will forever be associated with her namesake. In April of 1770, Marie Antoinette became queen of France. As part of her effort to align herself with France in the eyes of her people, she adapted a style of dress that screamed “French!” Ladies had been wearing their hair high for years, but Marie Antoinette pushed the style to extremes, sometimes wearing hers up to 3 feet high ("The hair," ). The queen lived in a world where women had little…

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