A Woman 's Sexuality By Walt Whitman Essay example

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Before a sexual experience, both parties must give consent in order for sex to initiate. Unfortunately, both women and men are often taken advantage of by a person disregarding their right to say no. Ignoring one’s right to consent directly violates and disrespects sexuality and self. In a society where people do not understand or consider the irreparable damage caused by snatching away consent, teaching respect and mutual desire must occur. Through his poetry, Walt Whitman conveys a strong belief in a woman’s sexuality. By respecting feminine sexuality and endorsing passionate sex, Whitman firmly believes in the necessity of consent. In order to respect a woman’s right to consent during sexual acts, one must believe there is power in a woman’s sexuality. Whitman exemplifies his respect for female sexuality with positive, illuminating descriptions. Whitman places power in a woman’s sexuality by stating, “She contains all, nothing is lacking,” (1375). By declaring nothing could better the woman, Whitman exemplifies her power as an individual and her choices. Thus, granting her the agency to choose how to demonstrate her sexuality. Similarly, Whitman explains once his lover is nearby, he can only see “the sight of the perfect body,” (1375). Again, Whitman places the power in the woman’s hands by showing how her sexuality demands respect and attention. Whitman judges the woman’s “index from head to foot” to be on “the divine list,” (1375). Instead of shedding a negative…

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