A Woman 's Place At Home Essay

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The view of marriage that is being displayed in this story is that it’s a woman’s place to stay at home, do what is told, and don’t ask for nothing. This story completely paints an opposite picture of the modern day roles as a man and woman and what each person should be doing and contributing in the relationship. Through three scenes I am going to show you how this marriage is an old fashion union between two lovers. When Mrs. Mallard created her own peep hole and decided to become a peeping tom to a life she could not have. When she had to wait till six to retrieve her gift. When the numerous times she asked to travel and was told no because of her illness despite what her doctors told her.
Throughout the film this lady by the name of Mrs. Mallard was a woman who just wanted to experience the world with her love. She wanted to see Pairs as was told to the readers and viewers in “The Story of an Hour” plenty of times. Even with her heart condition she wanted to still live. However because “of her condition” her husband didn’t allow her to travel and let alone leave the house. Her husband comes across as controlling. It had gotten to the point that she has to moved the plants on her balcony to get a small glimpse of the neighborhood. It 's a woman 's place to stay home. Her husband don 't have to tell her to stay home because his actions reveals it. When she sits on the balcony awaiting his arrival and instead of running outside to greet him she greets him in their home.…

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