A Woman 's Body And Reproductive Organs Essay

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Mother Jones’ quote “women don’t have careers…they have jobs” refers to the previous role women held in the private and public sphere. The private sphere suggests home life while public is the workforce. The historically typical view of a middle class woman was in the home as a housewife and mother. It was the responsibility of the husband to have a career and provide financial support to the family as the ‘breadwinner.’ When a woman had to enter the workforce as a second income for her family, she would never be equal her male counterparts. The role of women was directly related to their relationships to the men in their lives. They were accustomed to consistently working to please their husbands and care of the children, while sacrificing their aspirations. Images of Women in American Pop Culture, states that during this period, a women “as a belle and virgin, wife and mother did she matter” (VISIONS, pg. 374). Therefore, a woman’s body and reproductive organs were the most emphasized and valued in society. While women were deemed submissive to men in the home and in work, this view does not have hold for most educated women. Through education and activism, women have greatly progressed and continue to push away sexist stereotypes that bound women to the home. During the 19th and 20th century, as women entered the public sphere at increasing rates, they took low-level positions that had limit opportunities for development. These jobs did not pay as much and were not…

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