A Woman Traveling Alone By Mary Morris Mention Essays

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In the book “Nothing to Declare; Memoirs of a Woman Traveling Alone” by Mary Morris mention “travel shaped by a traveler’s gender” as a man vs as a female alone. On Page 10 explained it was not easy for the woman to travel alone. “If you are attacked while walking down this road, you have no place to go. For the first time, I walked that quarter mile at night alone. Every shadow, every sound, made me turn. I behaved like a hunted thing. It is not easy to move through the world alone, and it is never easy for a woman.” It was different between those genders because as male normally not that afraid of the stranger and the new environment that include not always concern about their safety as can do self-defense if need. While women had to worry because of rape, kidnapping, or being take advantage on, unexpectedly things could happen, and no protection skill. Also, women often felt less confidence in herself while traveling because she can’t really enjoy herself without even worry what could happen to herself. Men often walk himself independently without even bother look around himself and move on. “I have been, and am, a woman who has often herself, through circumstance and fate, alone. Nothing terrible has ever happened to me. I have had close calls, but I have never raped or wounded or kidnapped or tortured. But I have been left and betrayed, bewildered and afraid.” (p.21) Also not much knowledge of what happens around her. Most people tend to take advantage of…

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