A Woman Of The Color Of Water By James Mcbride Essay

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From Rachel Shilsky to Ruth McBride Jordan Ruth McBride Jordan was displayed as an outstanding and incredibly strong woman in The Color of Water by James McBride, her son. He explained how her hardships transformed her from an obedient Polish Jewish girl to a significantly influential Christian woman. Someone that helped her in this alteration was her mother Hudis Shilsky. The devastating deaths of her two black husbands also powerfully impacted her. In the end, however, it is acknowledged that Christianity is what changed her the most. One day when Ruth (or Rachel Shilsky as that was her past name) was working she received a phone call from her boyfriend at the time saying her Mameh had passed away. Ruth suddenly felt an anchor of severe shock and grief weigh her down. She was depressed and felt overwhelming guilt shattering her new found happiness with her New York life. The guilt she felt was lifelong; it wasn’t something she could just get over. She left her Mameh when she needed her daughter the most “and when [she] left... well, Sam had gone, and Bubeh had died, and her husband treated her so bad and divorced her, and her reasons for living just slipped away” (Ruth 217). When Ruth was leaving to make a life for herself, Hudis told her daughter that she can have a nice life in Suffolk, but after Ruth refused, Hudis never asked again. Instead, she gave Ruth her passport (the only picture of herself she had) and only after her death did Ruth realize it was because her…

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