Essay on A Woman Of Royalty Or A Victim Of Deception

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Lucrezia Borgia, a woman of royalty or a victim of deception. A famous notoriety goes before as she earned a reputation as a an alleged poisoner. In actuality, historians believe that she has been an innocent woman, wrongfully reprimanded for her family, who killed nobles with the poison la cantarella. The idea of who is victimized by society, is evident, especially in William Shakespeare’s “comedy,” The Merchant of Venice. Through the play, he characters pertain to their predicaments as if everything in the world revolves around them. However, there is only one true victim, Shylock, the Jewish moneylender, while characters such as Antonio, and Portia are villains, deceiving the audience into believing that they are the victims. While Antonio willingness to help his friend Bassanio under any circumstances, and Portia being forced of marriage, both characters still confer to victimizing others to meet their own preferences . Shakespeare portrays Portia far off in Belmont, as an unmarried woman who inherited a fortune from her father, and Antonio as a wealthy Christian merchant. Set in the Italian trading center Venice, Shakespeare spurs the idea of diversity and money focus of each characters predicaments. Similar to Lucrezia Borgia, Shakespeare manipulates the audience of placing Shylock as the villian to Antonio’s even though he knows he is not. Shylock is the victim among villains in Shakespeare’s comedy because he is mistreated as a Jew, has people like Antonio…

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