A Wind Along The River Analysis

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A Wind along the River
By: Jacquelyn Cook
Jacquelyn Cook is been very interested in writing a story. Her story is based from Historical and Spiritual because she wants others to be inspired and learn a lesson. She’s also a part of a Church. She wants to help others to conquer all the problems without blaming God. She’s very interested in writing that’s why she’s having a journal/diary. She’s also contented for having a loving husband, children, and grandchildren. She writes a story entitled “A Wind along the River “. This is her second story.
Emma is very lonely person. Every time she wants to be alone she will go to Barbour Hall a river in Chattahoochee. Cordelia is her sister-in-law, the one person who thought her the
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She felt angry to lily because she didn’t tell that Jonathan has a daughter because in a short time she fell in love with Jonathan Ramsey. Jonathan needs to leave because they’re having a big trouble in Chattahoochee, But before he leave he confess to Emma that he need Emma. When he comeback, he ask Emma to be his Wife. Emma was very happy because her loves one loved her too. Emma wants to have a formal engagement but because they’re having a trouble they need to postpone the Wedding. Jonathan needs to leave again to solve the problem. Emma is Very lonely; she didn’t come to church because of loneliness. May 2, 1861, a wedding day of Liz and she’s invited, Jonathan represent to be her escort. At the wedding party they enjoy the night as if they’re owns the dance floor. Jonathan gave a necklace to her then suddenly she cried not because she’s happy but because she can’t marry Jonathan because of a trouble. Jonathan doesn’t want Emma cried. Emma felt an heart ache, Emma promise that she’s willing to wait until he comeback. June 12, 1861, Jonathan sent a letter. Emma cried because she misses him so much, hoping that Jonathan will come back and they will marry each other. Jonathan come home and tells about the good news that the

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