A Wide Spread Literature Search Essay

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The following discussion aims to consider a wide spread literature search found to examine why are there fewer men working in different childcare settings and other practitioners views of men in childcare/education. Throughout the literature research common themes arose giving areas to consider when exploring the aims. Is that better...MORE GROWN UP??
MEDIA GOVERNMENT – influences (1. 2.) STEREOTYPES (1. 2.)
During the 19th Century education was seen as a masculine job and women were only there to assist the men in teaching (Smedley, 2007), although through evolution, starting in the 1840’s, careers and different jobs became increasingly appealing to men, as from the 20th century the gender defined jobs were apparent in Britain, introducing sexism into society influencing gender-biased professions (Griffin, 2008). The government document green paper: Meeting the Childcare Challenge 1998 demonstrated that even back in 1998 the media and the government viewed childcare primarily a female profession although were still aware of the importance of males within childcare. Between 2011-2012 there was only 2% of men employed in early years childcare (Department of Education, 2012; Harty, 2011;Haywood, 2011), even to this day it is still evident that men in childcare, through government legislation, requires further support and encouragement (Swinson, 2014). However how is this gap in society’s employment going to shift from 2% to potentially a gender balanced workforce? Ideas…

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