A Web Design And Development Team Essay

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For a website to shine above the competition, it is essential that you hire a custom web design and development team. In addition to the basic design requirements, these professionals know how to customize your site, depending upon whether it is designed for use by consumers or other businesses. While both require a site that is easy to use and comprehend, business to business, or B2B, demands a site polished to convey more technical data than that of a business to consumer, or B2C website. The following shows the primary differences between the two types of sites:

1. Integration Levels

With a B2C site, the content can often stand alone without connection to other parts of the company or external websites. However, B2B models must often link to additional portions of your company. The type and amount of these links varies depending upon the type of business you operate. Generally, you will need connections to your invoicing system and related accounting matters, not to mention customer records.

Suggestions for visiting consumers can encourage them to browse your product lines based upon their previous purchases. However, when business customers log in they deserve a display based upon their historical preferences rather than your entire catalog. You can also have the custom web design and development team integrate portions of your infrastructure, such as your distribution and supply center.

2. Payment and Account Differences

Your consumer based website can use a simple…

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