A Warrior 's Cry Against Child Marriage Essay

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When you think about your life you think about so many options you have to choose from such as: how am I getting my hair, or do I really want to be with him? But can you imagine someone telling you at the age of thirteen that you are ready to have sex and become someones wife? I know at the age of thirteen, I was enjoying being a kid and not worrying about making “grown up” decisions. “A warrior’s cry against child marriage”, by Memory Banda talks about her country Malawi decides at the age of thirteen you are not a child anymore. Instead, the community notice and acknowledging that you are now becoming a women. This means by the age of thirteen parents send their young girls to initiation camp where they you how to please a man. The initiation camp has a day called “ Very Special Day”, this is when the community hire men to come to the camp and have sex with the girls. Some girls end up pregnant or some end up having a sexual transmitted disease. Banda first made a change in her community by standing up to her traditional leader and made him change the law that no girl has to be forced to marry before the age of eighteen. She did not stop there. She and a group of girls from her country went to the Parliament house everyday trying to have their bill passed. Their determination did not go unnoticed, which resulted in having their bill passed. Banda argument is that we need to publicized on the news about who face there difficult issues in their community, and telling girls…

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