A Wanderer Once Asked Essay

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A wanderer once asked, “Did we ever live in a world where human, mythological creature, dragons, and other elemental beings lived harmoniously, ” “or are heaven and any mystical realms just human’s imagination ?”. If the answer for the second question is ‘yes’, then this story is about to put it to its doom. At the outlying district, where an adolescent boy named Starlet Skvotszhana, lived with an old couple, Mr. and Mrs. Roofey. He was raised as an outcaste, he didn’t even know who were his parents. But ever since he was a child told about fairytale and other kind of folklore, he became a wonderer of how and where another realm could be. He rarely met with other teenager. The only friend he had known best was his dog, Goofy. They used to graze the sheep in the morning. According to Mr. Roofey, the best grasses were always in the morning when they were fresh. He was always amazed by the morning star, located in the east. Zhana loved when it shone brightly right after he talked or wished something about his wild dream. This time he wished he had a friend who could talk, who would show him another world better than his place. His conviction about the star was so firm that caused the east star shone luminescently. ‘Due to your wish, I descend here to complete it. I am here as your friend. We both are all star.’
The dream had no picture, indicating the eyes had not prepared to see. But the voice was so real. Zhana almost couldn’t differ which of these was the real one, the…

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