A Vulture Aim At A Heart : Science Versus Poetry Essay example

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A vulture aiming at a heart: Science versus poetry “Sonnet-To Science” is a poem written by Edgar Allan Poe in 1829, a period of time where society detached from the Romantic movement and its appeal to making human imagination the core influence of the mind. Poe’s sonnet highlights the disparity between science and poetry. The speaker of the poem notes that science is a hunter that has always been present. Poetry, on the other hand, is a prey since science destroys the beauty in the fictional imagination that constitutes this genre of writing. In order to convey his message, Poe relies on mythological references and vivid diction that capture the essence of this theme: science versus poetry. The speaker acknowledges a juxtaposition on what truth is. The cold truth in science challenges the fictional truth in poetry. This ultimately suggests that the speaker laments that science is a cold reality that gradually destroys the fictional poetic world. In order to capture the speaker’s view of science, Poe employs vivid diction full of imagery. Initially, the speaker begins by stating that “Science!” (1) is the daughter of Old Time. This sets the mood of the poem to start as an acknowledgement of an old concept that survived throughout ages. The author capitalizes “Science” to emphasize its significance. Science it is not only a method of discovering the truth, but also an established concept that increased in popularity. He continues by…

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