Essay on A Volcano On The Blackboard

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Day One
40 minutes

Prepare the Learner:
(10 minutes)
Picture it brainstorming. Draw a picture of a volcano on the blackboard and write, where in the world will you find one of these? Have the students work independently or in pairs writing down as many locations they may know. Poll the classroom and write down the locations on the blackboard. Leave this on the board for later discussion with the class.

Ask if any students have ideas why the earths outer layer is constantly changing.

(20 minutes)
This lesson will teach the student about fault lines and boundaries where two separate tectonic plates meet, and why volcanoes are formed. Begin with a brief introduction of the theory of plate tectonics. Explain to the class that plate tectonics is a theory that the earths outer rigid layer, the lithosphere, is divided into “plates” that are constantly moving across the earths surface much like ice does on the surface of a lake. Now watch the short video, “ The Scientist Behind the Theory”. Expand on this by explaining that the earths crust is broken up into large pieces called plates, and these plates move around because they are floating on top of a liquid layer of earth called the mantle. Stress the point that the tectonic plates move as a result of large convection currents that transfers heat through the layers of the earth. Explain how these currents are formed by magma that rises rapidly towards the surface from the near the earths core, and this causes the…

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