A Visual Representation Of The Data That Can Be Altered Based On User Requirements

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Dashboards are a visual representation of the data that helps focus on various matrices and which can be altered based on user requirements. They are graphical representation of information which is easy to read and interpret. On the other hand, Executive Dashboard is a computer based interface connected using Application Programming Interface (API) to the business systems one uses (Lavinsky, 2013). Executive dashboards provide a helicopter view of the analysis before digging deeper into the data (TechTarget, 2006). They provide with information that help achieve business objectives and help make faster business decisions. For example for a given website the executives might be interested only in the topline information rather than the in depth analysis of each and every page so the dashboard would include reports like Map overlay, Visitors overview, top traffic sources, new vs returning visitors. Executive dashboards have on the backend data that may arrive from a single source or multiple sources and the owner can customize the reports based on the user needs.
In order to build an effective program the first step is to brainstorm what are the business objectives that we are looking to achieve and build an outline in order to meet those business objectives. An effective dashboard design is the one that not only presents the important data at one glimpse and are simple to read and understand, but also the one that you are able to communicate, energize, and evangelize all in…

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