Essay on A Visit Arizona State Museum

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Arizona State Museum. Today, for the first trip, I have chosen to visit Arizona State Museum, since it is convenient for me to walk for few minutes to invigorate my brain. It is a big building with post modern architecture design, having plenty of showings about the civilization and lifestyle of Arizona region. Before entering the museum, I expected learning about the many cultures and types of ethnic groups that lived and represented the Sonoran region throughout the centuries. As I entered to the museum, it was peaceful and empty, so that I could focus easily for the exhibits co-relating to the topic of our class. Every room depicted and explained about different cultures, ways of living of ethnic groups in various of times of history. Each screen on every exhibits illustrated the specialties of different cultures. At first, it seemed dull to me, but as I continued reading the statements of the exhibits, I fully understood how versatile the dwellers of Sonoran region were. After visiting the Arizona State museum, my perspective about the Sonoran region had changed. I have learned about not only the nations of Southwest region, but also the Northwestern region of Sonoran region. All these various cultures and ethnic groups formed the civilization in this complex area. I was astonished by the adeptness, the arrangement and the tradition of the people of Sonora, since it was quite similar with…

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