A Vision Of Russia By Russia Essay

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A Vision of Russia
Russia once one of the worlds’s most feared military super power, now mostly a war torn economic tourist trap. Russia, also known as The Russian Federation houses a huge population of about one hundred forty two million and five hundred thousand people. It takes up an area of seventeen million seventy five thousand and four hundred kilometers squared. The major language spoken in Russia is Russian although, some speak English as well. Some of the major religions of the country consist of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism. The life expectancy of a normal male with minor injuries or illnesses during his lifetime is fifty-nine years old, and the life expectancy of a normal female under the same situations is seventy-three years old. They have many traditions and holidays to include Christmas and New Year. Today’s Russian president is Vladimir Putin recently elected in 2012 with Dmitry Medvedev as his Prime Minister.

Traditions and Holidays: Russians celebrate holidays just as Americans do, only some of the titles and dates are different. For instance, their New Years Eve Holiday is on the first of January, and is so for America. Christmas in America is celebrated on 25 December, and is celebrated but on 7 January in Russia. February twenty third is Defender of the Motherland Day. They have their own version of Labor Day, which is celebrated on the first of May, which is celebrated by Americans on September first. May ninth is Victory Day,…

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