A Vision For The Future Of Literary Studies Essay

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Consider how this issue might contribute to a vision for the future of literary studies
Because we live in a society that is constantly undergoing technological advancements, a society where you can store and read dozens of books electronically, make a video with just the touch of a button, have entire conversations just using emojis, our new fast pace way of living might make our traditional ways of entertainment and learning seem… obsolete or boring—especially when it comes to classic literature. Shakespeare doesn’t seem to shake things up anymore and Jane Austen’s stories now need zombies in them to make them relevant and cool. Have we really out-grown the classics? Laura Miller provides answers to this pressing question in her article “Are Literary Classics Obsolete?” which was published on Salon.com.
In Laura Miller’s article, she refers to a study published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal called “Quantitative Patterns of Stylistic Influence in the Evolution of Literature,” which shows that today’s literary writer’s are more “influenced by their peers than they are by the most revered authors of earlier centuries.” Miller mentions how people today don’t appreciate the “prose of the past,” and find classic novels, which were revered and praised for years, have now been reduced to one-star ratings on amazon.com with comments saying these beloved classics were boring and unreadable. In our obsession with having the latest and greatest…

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