A Virtual Mobile Cache Applied to an Integrated Real-Time Display

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A Virtual Mobile Cache Applied to an Integrated Real-Time Display

In today’s society recent advances in wireless communication technologies has made the world of mobile computing flourish with a variety of applications. In this paper, I will present an overview of existing research in the vast area of Virtual Mobile Computing in Real-time Display. This new paradigm of computing called mobile computing enables users carrying portable devices to have access to data and information services regardless of their physical location or movement behavior. I will provide comparative and detailed review of research prototypes along with analyzing new paradigms and enabler concepts for mobile client-server computing. Along with these paradigms, I
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Wireless links are relatively unreliable and currently are two to three orders of magnitude slower than wire line networks. Moreover, mobile hosts powered by batteries suffer from limited battery life constraints. These limitations and constraints leave much work to be done before mobile computing is fully enabled. This remains true despite the recent advances in wireless data communication networks and hand-held device technologies (Jing 118).
Existing research on mobile client-server computing can be categorized into the following three paradigms: (1) mobile-aware adaptation, (2) extended client-server model, and (3) mobile data access. The paradigm of mobile-aware adaptation covers various strategies and techniques in how systems and applications respond to the environmental changes and the resource requirements. It also suggests the necessary system services that could be utilized by mobile-aware applications. The dynamics of mobile environments and the limitations of mobile computing resources make adaptation a necessary technique when building mobile systems and applications. In order to enable applications and systems to continue to operate in such dynamic environments, the mobile client-server system must react by dynamically adjusting the functionality of

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