A Virtual Child Is A Great Learning Tool Essay

1372 Words Oct 11th, 2016 6 Pages
Creating a virtual child allows one to make some of the many decisions parents actually have to make. It also gives me an idea of what my parenting style will be like in the future. Not only that but I can also get an understanding about the dimensions of temperaments and classifications of attachment. In general, the virtual child is a great learning tool that helps us students get a hands on experience of what we are learning in class.
To begin, I chose the name Sofie for my virtual child. Sofie derives from the French name Sophia which means wisdom (Baby). Part of the reason I really like this name is because it was my great grandmother’s middle name and in my family, we have the tradition of naming children after other family members.
To move on, there are seven dimensions of temperament. The idea of these dimensions is that every baby is born with certain characteristics and tendencies that causes their personality to develop a certain way and for them to react to their environment in a particular way as well. The seven dimensions are activity level, attention span, emotionality, soothability, sociability, adaptability, and quality of mood. The activity level is how often and how much the child has gross motor activity. Second, the attention span is merely just how long the child pays attention to a single activity. Third, emotionality is the frequency and intensity a child displays positive and negative emotional expression. Fourth, soothability is how the child…

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