A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman By Mary Wollstonecraft Essay example

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Mary Wollstonecraft can easily be considered an 18th century feminist and was one of the first feminists of her time. She authored A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. This literary work challenges female oppression, and goes as far as to confront some writers’ assertions that women should be educated solely for men’s pleasure. Wollstonecraft explores the basic human right of reason, granted to both men and women, and forms multiple arguments on the importance of equality between sexes in regard to education, power, and societal influence. Wollstonecraft wastes no time in stating her argument in support of women’s education and rights. In the introduction, she mentions multiple times that women are perceived as mere objects of beauty intended for the viewing pleasure of men. She suggests that women are more worried about their appearances than being a good wife or mother, and that they are treated as subordinate beings (Wollstonecraft 306-307). In regards to these claims, Wollstonecraft argues that their lack of education is the precipitating reason women are seen as an accessory. She also argues women are content with this label. She expresses it through this quote:
Men endeavor to sink us still lower, merely to render us alluring objects for a moment; and women, intoxicated by the adoration which men, under the influence of their senses, pay them, do not seek to obtain a durable interest in their hearts, or to become the friends of the fellow creature who find…

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