A View Of The American Civil War Essay

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A View Of Two Sides
The American civil war was a gargantuan strife that caused much turmoil between the North and the South. This war was plagued with death on both sides, resulting in a generation gap that was felt for many years after the incident. The civil war was caused by many provocations over the century beforehand by boiled down to three important issues. As stated in the constitution, any state is able to secede if they feel as though the government is not effectively representing them. Often, the South felt second to the North in terms of social and economic issues. The Southern economy was so entrenched in the slave trade and so dependent on the use of slaves, that the abolition of slavery would cripple their economic system. The North argued that this was not just cause to return to old views. Lastly the issue of human rights was a tremendous controversy, as stated “all men are created equal”, but this phrase was not enforced in the South leading to an out lash of unseen complications.
With the distaste of slavery flowing every where other than the South, animosity arose between the two sectors of the United States, leaving the bond between the South and the central government very weak. White supremacy was a large part of this attitude and the belief, that the North was allowing lesser beings to live among them, arose in the South. “The Southern practice of ignoring inconvenient federal laws in order to preserve white supremacy was established long…

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