A View Of Religious Freedom Essay

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A View of Religious Freedom in America from: Prayer in School, Gay Marriage, and Governmental Control There are many views of the state of our nation on this subject. It has long been a puzzling issue that never seems to seize. America should have religious freedom, because it 's a constitutional right to Americans. Prayer in school, gay marriage, and governmental control are among some of the main issues in this category. Over the past few years anyone can tell you that religious importance in our country has become less, and less vital. Recent events like the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, New York, and the attacks on Paris, France, have made freedom of religion harder and harder to come by. Having the free practice of religions has proved difficult. Christianity has suffered from these issues as the general acceptance of the religion has declined substantially in the few decades. A recent poll there was a sense of discrimination for the Islamic religion, as they have been responsible for the attacks, 8/10 Americans believe Christianity should be practiced freely, while only a mere 6/10 Americans think the Muslims should practice freely (How Strongly). Things like this make religion a very sensitive subject in America today. The subject of prayer in school is something we can all relate to, since we all know someone in school grade school in a public school. The public school system has long been an area that was touchy for…

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