A View From The Bridge Essay

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Everywhere in this world people desperately try to attain the most sought after emotion, love. Numerous people sing and kill for this powerful emotion; however, it’s not the only one of its kind. Another intense emotion is the opposite of love, hate. In the play “A View from the Bridge” Arthur Miller is able to present that the world he created is about love and hate because of Eddie’s romantic love towards Catherine, Rodolpho and Catherine’s’ love for each other, Marco and Rodolpho brotherly love for each other, and the overall family love that many of the characters, in this play, show each other. Some relationships are so strong they don’t need to be related by blood to be considered family. A bond can be created between two people that can create a remarkable platonic relationship; nevertheless, the tragic truth is that some people aren’t fortunate enough to keep this type of relationship forever. The precious father daughter relationship between Catherine and Eddie was completely shattered, when Eddie developed romantic feelings for her. Eddie expresses his romantic love for Catherine in the worst way possible through absolute control. He shows his possessive control right from the beginning; his initial refusal to let her get a job shows that he wants to selfishly keep her all for himself. Catherine is old enough to get a job and to love, but Eddie won’t let her love anyone else but him. Unfortunately for Eddie, Catherine develops romantic feelings for Rodolpho.…

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