A Very Poor Family Of Immigrants Essay

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I came from a very poor family of immigrants. Both of my parents were immigrants who fled from Vietnam because of the Vietnam war. They took their risks to come here to the United States where they could find a better opportunity for themselves as well as my siblings and I. As I grew up in my little hometown of Holland, Michigan, I realize I did not have the same things as every other child did. My family lived in a very small apartment that we rented on top of a restaurant. We never celebrated any of the holidays such at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We were very poor and my parents could not afford much for me since they did not have any spare cash laying around to spend on the fun and usual activities and things kids did such as going to the beach to swim or eating ice cream and strolling the park. We would be perceived differently because we were immigrants, and we did not have the same materialistic things that others had such as having a new updated phone or a gaming system. Also, my low economic status as well as coming from a family of immigrants were factors that helped define my social identity as a person throughout my childhood.
In elementary school, I would struggle with school since my parents both speak Vietnamese, and they both spoke limited English. I would get bad grades in English since I did not know how to speak, read, or write in English properly. I was placed in a special English remedial class for this. Since many of my peers knew I spoke only limited…

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