A Very Brief Summary: The Most Dangerous Game

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Rainsford went through a very traumatic experience during his stay with General Zaroff. The general was a hunter and did so for sport. After Rainsford won the game and managed to defeat and kill General Zaroff, I think that Rainsfords outlook on hunting must have changed. He himself now knows how it feel to be the one hunted, “Then it was that Rainsford knew the true meaning of terror.” Why would a man, who knows what the animals and game that Rainsford hunts, goes through continue to hunt them. Would it not be that Rainsford would see himself every time he even touched a gun. He was the animal to be hunted in the General Zaroff’s mind. Rainsford must now understand that animals do feel fear, that their fear is something extremely tangible. Rainsford now most likely cannot even fathom the thought of picking up a rifle, because a memory like this is impossible to keep hidden, “His whole idea at first was to put distance between himself and General Zaroff, and to this end, he had plunged on by the sharp rowels of something very like panic.” In common life if something like this were to occur the one who was the victim would suffer PTSD or post-traumatic …show more content…
He felt that immense fear of being the mouse to General Zaroff’s cat as is written, “Rainsford did not want to believe what his reason said was true, but the truth was evident as the sun that now had by now pushed through the morning mists. The general was playing with him!” Rainsfords knowledge of hunting may have saved him, but it also caused this mess and Rainsford will always remember that. If Rainsford does go hunting again he will do so with the understanding of what that animal goes through. He will never again joke of brag about the animal’s death. He will become an even more ethical of a hunter and not let the animal suffer if he had done so before. Rainsford’s experience will forever change his

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