A Very Bordered World By Alexander Diener And Joshua Hagen Essay

1693 Words Oct 14th, 2016 7 Pages
How does the way we use borders affect our lives in the world today and the lives of those around us? Living in a world that has so many borders, physical, social, political, and mental forces us to choose between building borders up—causing conflict—or, tearing them down—bringing peace—to one another. How do we understand them so we can better navigate the roles they play in our lives? Looking at borders inside and out we are, in a way, a sort of gatekeeper for all of the borders we experience. Acknowledging our role as gatekeepers brings into focus the choices we, as humans, need to make about what is important versus what is not concerning the various borders in our lives. In the article, “A Very Bordered World,” Alexander Diener and Joshua Hagen explain that we all create these spaces that separate, but they do not exist anywhere but to us and how we find them beneficial (15). We need to look closely at why we do that and consider the effect it has on our lives.
Diener and Hagen talk about how we all live in a world full of borders and how these borders are essential to how we socially interact and how we use our power (15,20). They give us some examples of how they work in our lives, a short history of geographical borders, and the impact they have had throughout the history of the world (16). They explain the difference between such things as Frontiers—the lines separating countries, Territoriality—how you communicate your space to another, Sovereignty—supreme power…

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